Thanksgiving and a New Commission


Being a resident of the United States I celebrate Thanksgiving with my family every year.  I had a nice holiday and ate too much as usual.  My contribution to the feast was homemade cookies.  I like to bake.  I’ve become the cookie guy in the family.

While I treasure time on Thanksgiving with my extended family, it usually goes hand in hand with getting very little done art-wise.  This past week was no exception.  I didn’t draw any cats.  I didn’t make any progress on my mermaid piece.  I didn’t really draw anything at all.

Some of the time was spent in the kitchen making the aforementioned cookies.  I also had work to do for my other business, TSG Multimedia.

So this week I need to get back to drawing.  I also need to get back to my normal diet to get rid of the weight I gained on Thanksgiving, but that’s another story.

A New Commission

In other news this week I got a new private commission to do some cat art.  The piece will essentially be a portrait of a pair of cats.  The client was hoping to get it done before Christmas so I am going to have to hustle.

I am going to draw the piece in colored pencil.  I am also going to frame and mat the original.  I am planning to draw the piece on 11×14 paper and put it in a 16×20 frame.

I’m working on the composition now.  The client did get me a couple of photos for reference, but the pose and arrangement of the cats will be my own.  The challenge for me is that I haven’t seen these cats myself.  I hope I can succeed in getting the personalities of the cats into the image.

I am hoping to make prints of the piece available eventually here on the website.

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