Starting 2015

Starting 2015

Unfortunately I don’t have any new art to post today.  As I find myself starting 2015, I’ve had no time to do anything art-related since I finished Hibiscus.  The period right before and after the holidays always seems like that for me.  There are always a million things to do.  Inevitably something unusual comes up.  Sometimes more than one something.  Sometimes life has a way of asserting itself.

Millennicon is creeping up on me, too.  Its now about two months until my first trip to Cincinnati.  I’m also making travel plans for WorldCon in Spokane.


Speaking of travel and unusual things, I am flying to the east coast at the end of this week.  This trip is not directly related to my fantasy and cat art.  I’ll be wearing my train-photographer hat for this one.  It was a very last minute thing.  I have an opportunity to photograph a steam train that may not be running for much longer.

While I’m there I’ll see what else there is to see that might inspire me.  It sounds like it will be cold.  I’m packing accordingly.  Maybe I’ll do some snow cats if I get some good snow pictures.

I’ve had to scramble to book a flight at the last minute.  It’s not really how I like to do things, but sometimes you have to make things work.  So far starting 2015 has been way busier than the first few days of any year in recent memory.  I hope that’s a good thing.  Did I mention I had to buy a new computer, too?

At least I have a little more time to plan for Millennicon.  As of now I’m planning on riding Amtrak to Cincinnati.  I rode a train in 2013 to WorldCon in San Antonio and really liked it.  They let you take more stuff than when you fly, too.  That will be important since I’ll need to bring art to fill my panels.

I’ll probably just drive to Spokane.  I can take my time and do some sightseeing that way.  I guess we’ll see how things develop as that convention gets closer.


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