Sasquan Art Show Booked

Sasquan Art Show

I reserved space in the Sasquan Art Show (WorldCon 2015) in Spokane.  I’d been waiting for the art show reservation page to be put up on their website.  The convention isn’t until August, but I imagine it will sell out.  I didn’t want to miss out and not get space.

I reserved three panels like I did in San Antonio in 2013.  Hopefully I’ll get a confirmation soon.  I am hoping to have a lot of new art to show by that time.

Unfortunately all of the hotels associated with the convention seem to be out of space during that week.  I went to Expedia and managed to reserve a room in one of the convention hotels that way.  I didn’t get the convention rate, though.  I’ll keep an eye on the website and see if anything else becomes available.  I can always cancel the first reservation.

At this point I am planning to drive to Spokane.  If I do then I can do some sightseeing on the way up and back.  It will also make it easier to take my art.  There aren’t any luggage restrictions in my truck.

Hopefully the Sasquan Art Show will be a good one for me.  I’ve done pretty well at the past WorldCons that I’ve attended.  I had a good time, too.  I’ve been to Washington but never to Spokane so it should be interesting.

Making Art

Or maybe I should say, not making art.  I’ve made no progress on any new art in the past couple of weeks.  Partly that’s because of my last-minute trip to the east coast.  I had to scramble to make arrangements for that.  I didn’t even have a proper carry-on bag for my flight so I had to shop for luggage.

Now that I’m back it seems like I’m still playing catch-up.  I put a lot of things on hold while I was making travel arrangements.  It’s time to get back to making the pencils move over the paper…

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  1. marahsk January 21, 2015 at 1:17 pm #

    Hi Daniel. I replied to your post on Facebook, but for the benefit of anyone who may be having similar issues, I thought it might be helpful to repeat my reply here.

    The thing is, we have had more memberships than we expected. That is a wonderful thing, but in the short term we filled most of the room block. A convention has to be conservative in committing to a room block; if we overcommit, we end up paying very large attrition fees–they can easily be in the tens of thousands of dollars, and we’d much rather spend that money on things that will be of benefit to our members!

    We are in the process of adding more rooms to our block in some of our current hotels, and adding at least one and probably 2-3 new hotels to the block; so in the medium and long terms, we expect to be able to accommodate everyone.

    In your specific case, if you’re in one of the Sasquan hotels, email and they should be able to get you the convention rate.

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