Progress, Good News, and Drawing Cats


I never seem to have enough time to do art.  This week was no exception.  Even so, I did manage to make some progress on my Crystal Cove piece.  It’s actually getting close to being done.  I hope to have another picture to post soon.

I’ve also started planning what other art I might be able to get done between now and the time I leave for Cincinnati in March.  I don’t think I’ll have time for another large piece.  Instead I might try to do one or two small ones.

I wanted to do another Feline No. 9 Squadron image, but that will probably have to wait for a while.  The cats will be flying again soon, though.

Feline No. 9 Squadron

Feline No. 9 Squadron

Good News

I found out that I sold pretty well at Arisia.  That made me happy.  My Queen of Ravens piece sold there.  That one has been selling pretty well overall which is encouraging.  It’s the first non-cat piece that I’ve done in a long time that’s sold well.

I just ordered a bunch of new matboard.  I know that doesn’t sound too exciting but I like the fact that I keep running out of it.  That means that I’m selling stuff.

Drawing Cats

Speaking of cats, I’ve been asked to do a session to teach kids how to draw cats at Millennicon.  I haven’t ever tried to do anything like that before.  Hopefully it will go well.  I am thinking about what kinds of things I want to focus on.  I’ll probably talk about distilling things down to basic shapes.  That’s a pretty common technique.  I definitely want to have some kind of plan before I get there.

I may end up on some other panel discussions as well.  I don’t have a schedule yet.  I said I’d be willing to be on any art-related panels.  I guess we’ll see what they want me to do.


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