Sneak Attack Print

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Sneak Attack archival quality fine art print by Daniel Cortopassi.



Sneak Attack is a drawing based on two real cats who were a part of my life for many years.  Unfortunately they’re both gone now.  My intent was to capture their appearance and a little of their personalities.  The tabby was the more aggressive one and loved to sneak up on the black one and pounce.  The black one would be startled and jump.  Sometimes they played afterwards, and sometimes the tabby just looked pleased with himself.  Cat humor.

The original drawing is done in Prismacolor colored pencils on 2-ply Bristol vellum.

Each Sneak Attack print is hand signed and hand numbered out of a total run of 50.  Once they are sold out, no more will be run.  This is not a print I send out much anymore so if you want one it would be best to order it direct from me.

The print comes mounted in a 11″ x 14″ archival mat with backing board.  All of my prints are matted to standard frame sizes for ease of framing.

I cut my own mats.  The mat colors may vary depending on what I have in stock but I always pick something that compliments the artwork.  If you place an order and would like a specific mat color, send me a note and I will try to accommodate you.  For Sneak Attack I usually use a double mat, with an inner border color and a different outer color.  Sometimes I use the same color for both the inner and outer mats.  This creates a different but equally appealing look.  The print itself is about 10″ x 7″, which leaves an approximate 2″ total mat area along each edge.

Prints are protected by a clear plastic archival bag that guards against moisture and minor scratches.  I recommend leaving the print inside the bag until it is transferred to a frame.

Note: The URL and copyright watermark are not part of the image.


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