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She-Cats of Venus signed, limited edition fine art print by Daniel Cortopassi.

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She-Cats of Venus is a spoof movie poster promoting a campy old school (very old school) science-fiction movie about a feline astronaut who finds himself marooned on Venus.  Once there, he finds that Venus is populated by an indigenous matriarchal cat society.  He was alone… or so he thought.

Okay, yes, I know, Venus is probably one of the most inhospitable and uninhabitable rocky planets in the solar system.  But that’s reality.  This is a bad sci-fi movie.

Some people have told me that the fine print is the best part.  It reads: “Adult cat themes.  Parental discretion is advised.  Actually, that’s redundant, as any discerning person would avoid this movie like the plague.  Yes, it’s that bad.  Really.  Based on the new original screenplay, ‘Isn’t Venus Too Hot for Cats, Anyway?’ by Farrah Whey.”

This is a digital illustration done in Photoshop with some elements of the background drawn in pencil and scanned.

Each She-Cats of Venus print is hand signed and hand numbered out of a run of 50.  Once they are sold out, no more will be run.

The print comes mounted in a 16″ x 20″ archival mat with backing board.  All of my prints are matted to standard frame sizes for ease of framing.

I cut my own mats.  The mat colors may vary depending on what I have in stock but I always pick something that compliments the artwork.  If you place an order and would like a specific mat color, send me a note and I will try to accommodate you.  For She-Cats of Venus I usually use a double mat, often with a golden inner border color and a dark red outer color, though for this print a dark blue outer mat also looks nice.  Sometimes I use the same color for both the inner and outer mats.  This creates a different but equally appealing look.  The print itself is about 11″ x 14″, which leaves an approximate 2.5″ border on the sides and 3″ on the top and bottom.

Prints are protected by a clear plastic archival bag that guards against moisture and minor scratches.  I recommend leaving the print inside the bag until it is transferred to a frame.

Note: The URL and copyright watermark are not part of the image.

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