The Right Fluff

The Right Fluff

The Right Fluff is a piece that I did when I was asked to be the artist guest of honor at Millennicon 29.  It features cats in space helmets, a cat riding a dragon, a cat flying a blimp, and a Saturn V rocket with a lot of fire!

I figured since they’d asked me that it was probably safe to assume they liked my cat art.  The person in charge of the art show also said that dragons were a good bet.  I wanted to work in some sci-fi, or at least some space travel as well.

The idea for The Right Fluff was one of those that had come to me in a flash several years prior.  I’d just never had the time to do anything with it.  Having to create a piece for Millennicon to use on their program book was the perfect incentive to get it done.

The original inspiration for The Right Fluff didn’t include the dragon or the Feline No. 9 Squadron blimp.  And as it turned out, I had to do quite a few preliminary sketches to work out the exact composition.  Inspiration only takes me so far.  Sometimes what seems like it will look good as an idea doesn’t work so well on paper.  That’s where the work of being an artist begins.  It sometimes takes a while to get everything to gel.

What I came up with is still pretty close to my inspiration.  I think The Right Fluff captures the sense of excitement and wonder that I wanted.  I think that kind of picture suits a sci-fi/fantasy convention, which is a place full of possibilities.

The piece was done entirely in colored pencil on 2-ply Bristol vellum.  In addition to the program book, The Right Fluff also appeared on the Millennicon tee shirt and some signage.

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