Percy "Pouncer", 2013

Percy “Pouncer”

Percy “Pouncer” is a portrait of the pilot of airship 7 of Feline No. 9 Squadron.  Percy calls his airship “Lucky Seven” because it’s always brought him and his crew home in one piece.  He is shown in his standard issue flight helmet and goggles on a tropical beach as he looks out on the sunset over the sea.

Percy earned his call sign “Pouncer” because he is a crack pilot and an excellent hunter, but it’s rare for him to boast about his talent.  He lets his flying speak for itself (and there are never any mice to be seen around an airfield when Percy is in residence).  He loves to explore the world, socialize with his squadron mates, and find new places to take naps.

When Percy is not in the cockpit or checking his airship to make sure everything is in tip-top shape, he can usually be found lounging in a sunbeam or at the nearest pub.

The original drawing is done in Prismacolor colored pencils on 2-ply Bristol vellum.

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