Nigel "Red Claw", 2013

Nigel “Red Claw”

Nigel “Red Claw” is a portrait of the illustrious and brave pilot serving with Feline No. 9 Squadron.  Nigel wanted (demanded) that he be depicted in the most heroic and noble way possible.  He is shown in his trademark Stray-Ban glasses and scarf as he regards a flight of three airships with his usual commanding stare (no doubt thinking that he is a better pilot than any of those other blokes).

Nigel earned his call sign “Red Claw” for his hunting prowess (or so he claims.  Some say it is because he once put a careless foot in a bucket of paint, but who really knows the truth?) and his airship has a little red claw mark painted near the cockpit as his personal emblem.

When Nigel is not in the cockpit he is usually accompanied by Pip, the cat responsible for keeping an electric fan at the ready to make sure Nigel’s scarf is blowing when there is no wind.

The original drawing is done in Prismacolor colored pencils on 2-ply Bristol vellum.

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