The Monster in the Closet, 2015

The Monster in the Closet

The Monster in the Closet is a spoof movie poster about a cat that likes to lurk in the closet.  In a way, I suppose it’s really about all cats, since most of the ones I’ve known like to do that.  I did this one as a follow up to The Monster Under the Bed and The Monster in the Box.  Stand Back.

Sometimes cats lurk in the closet because it’s a game.  First, they make sure no one knows they’re in there.  Then they wait.  When a person happens by, they pounce!  This is cat humor.

Other times the cat may just want to sleep.  Closets are nice and cozy and dark.  Cats often like places like that.

Closets have all kinds of interesting stuff in them.  If the cat gets bored, there are toys to play with.  Shoes can be chew toys.  Suede or fuzzy shoes may need a bath.  Long dangling clothes are fun to grab.  Sometimes they’re even climbable.

And don’t forget all the enticing stuff on that top shelf.  It’s so hard to reach but so worth it.  Sometimes things make fun tinkling noises when they fall off and hit the ground.  Or they just make a big thud.  Either way it’s fun.

It’s all kinds of fun to be The Monster in the Closet!

And if the house humans become annoyed, closets make good hiding places.  Just find a nice dark niche and wait until they cool down.  “Bad Kitty” is such an overused phrase anyway.

Some people have told me that the fine print is the best part.  It reads: “May encourage cats to lurk in dark places and possibly develop the habit of jumping out unexpectedly.  Based on the new original screenplay, ‘No, I Didn’t Chew Your Shoe’ by Nawtee Kitee.”

This is a digital illustration done in Photoshop.

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