Mini Death Kittens, 2017

Mini Death Kittens

Mini Death Kittens is the latest installment in the Death Kittens series.  As the name implies, this image is smaller than the others.  Those nasty kittens are at it again, it seems.

Maybe someone tried to fight them with a shrink ray.  Little did they know, that would only make the kittens smaller.  Naturally, that would happen at the beginning of the movie.  If this were a real movie, which it’s not.  But we can pretend.  Although the kittens would be tiny, they would still be fearsome!  Mew!

After that much chaos would ensue.

To reduce the Death Kittens idea to a small size, I had to change the aspect ratio.  I had to rearrange the kittens so that they would be closer together.

I created Mini Death Kittens in Photoshop, borrowing elements from previous Death Kittens pieces.  To give the piece it’s own look, I used a different background color.

The text is similar to some of the other pieces in the series.  Unfortunately I had to leave out the tiny print on this one since it would be too small to read.

I have a lot of fun with these pieces.  I hope other people enjoy them, too.

Note: The URL and copyright watermark are not part of the image.

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