Kitty Lander, 2014

Kitty Lander

Kitty Lander is a pencil drawing of a kitten emerging from a spacecraft that’s just landed… somewhere.  Or maybe it’s a toy that the kitten is investigating.

I keep a library on my computer of cat photos that I’ve found on the internet and elsewhere.  I use them as pose references sometimes when drawing cats.  I did that with Kitty Lander.  The kitten’s markings were likewise inspired by reference photos.  In this case I used features from several different cat photos to make a cute tabby kitten.  At least I think the kitten is cute.  Hopefully other people will as well.

The lander isn’t based on any real spacecraft.  I mostly wanted something that would compliment but not overwhelm the kitten.  That meant that it had to be small.  If it were real I would hope that the kitten didn’t have to ride in it for very long, as it looks a bit cramped.  Of course real space capsules aren’t usually luxurious, either, so maybe that’s okay.  Real space capsules don’t usually have lander legs, either.  Chalk it up to artistic license.

I found some images online of Apollo capsules and had those on my screen while I was drawing Kitty Lander.  My capsule doesn’t look much like an Apollo capsule.  I did borrow a few design cues, though, like the recessed retro rockets under the window.  I didn’t go overboard with detail on the capsule.   I wanted the kitty to be the prominent feature.

I decided against doing a background for Kitty Lander.  The focus is on the kitty and the spacecraft.  I wanted to keep this one simple.

The original drawing is done in graphite pencils on 2-ply Bristol vellum.

Note: The URL and copyright watermark are not part of the image.

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