Catatonia, 2016


Catatonia is a spoof movie poster about a cat that stares.  And stares.  And stares.  I guess a lot of cats do that sometimes.  Or often.  Sometimes they make us wonder what they’re looking at.  Are they seeing something we can’t?  Are they just zoning?

Or is it cat humor?  Cat: I am going to stare at nothing and drive my human crazy.  They are too curious.  They can’t stand not knowing.  Oh, this is funny.  Look at them going crazy trying to figure this out!  (silent laughter)

Or do cats have the ability to sleep with their eyes open?

Who says Catatonia can’t be fun?

Some people have told me that the fine print is the best part.  It reads: “May encourage cats to stare at a blank wall for hours  View with extreme caution.  Based on the new original screenplay, ‘What is he Looking At?’ by Maikat Iskrezi.”

Catatonia is a digital illustration done in Illustrator and Photoshop.

I used Adobe Illustrator’s spiral tool to do the background.  Since this was the first time I’ve ever used that tool, it took a while to figure it out.  I’m pretty happy with the results.

Once I had the basic spiral I imported the design into Adobe Photoshop.  I turned the spiral design into a black and white graphic.  Then I took that graphic and used it as a layer mask.  The white areas on the layer mask are opaque.  Black is transparent.  I used the paint bucket tool to add the red color to the masked layer.

Because of the mask, the red only appears in the spiral.  The black is another layer behind the red.  I also added a dark gradient on the top and bottom in front of the spiral.  The center of the image is brighter than the rest.

Since I already had the spiral, I shrunk it down and also used it on the cat’s eyes.  I flipped the spirals over to create a mirror image effect.  Then I made them partially transparent.  I was trying to make it look like the spirals in the eyes are reflecting the big spiral around the cat.

The cat silhouette in Catatonia is a version of the same one I’ve used in other images.

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