Cat Queen of Mercury, 2017

Cat Queen of Mercury

Cat Queen of Mercury is the third image in a series that started with Cat Princess of Mars and continued with She-Cats of Venus.  Our intrepid interplanetary cat explorer has found himself in a predicament again.  This time he’s on Mercury.

Okay, okay, I know Mercury is not a very hospitable place.  But this poster is a parody of old campy sci-fi films where reality took a back seat to… well, most everything.

Fans of a certain famous rock band may find some extra goodies in this one.  With a title like Cat Queen of Mercury I couldn’t resist.  Since I’m also a musician, consider it a nod to a band that inspired me over the years.

The cat colossus in the background of the image has no particular significance.  I just thought it looked interesting.  I don’t think NASA has any photos of giant stone cats on Mercury.  Or do they?  Maybe it’s a conspiracy?

My Mercury landscape is entirely fictional.  This is supposed to be a campy film from a time before space probes, so I didn’t use any reference at all for the landscape.  I did, however, use some reference photos for the cats.

Cat Queen of Mercury is a bit of a departure from the other images in the series in that is entirely digital.  I did not sketch elements in pencil and then scan them as I’d done before.  I’m not sure if this is better or not, but it worked for this image.  I did not use any photographic elements, either.

Some people have told me that the fine print is the best part.  It reads: “You can almost forgive them for making a sequel to a cheesy, bad sci-fi cat film.  But another sequel?  How many space cat movies do we need, anyway?  Based very loosely (not really much at all) on the new original screenplay, ‘Silhouette of a Cat-Oh’ by Dooyah Siem.”

This is a digital illustration done in Photoshop.

Note: The URL and copyright watermark are not part of the image.

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