Air Scout Mk. 1, 2013

Air Scout Mk. 1

Air Scout Mk. 1 is an illustration of a type of flying craft used by Feline No. 9 Squadron.  It’s primary role is exploration, but it’s small size and ability to get into tight spaces also enable it to serve as a rescue craft for cats in trouble.

It is a lighter-than-air blimp-type airship with a fuselage suspended below for the pilot and crew.  A pair of internal combustion engines provide power.

The Air Scout Mk. 1 normally carries a crew of four cats, but can carry a few more as passengers when the need arises.  The pilot rides in the front and is responsible for operation of the craft.  Riding in the rear portion of the fuselage are the communications officer, flight engineer, and rear observer/navigator.

This is a hybrid illustration, with parts drawn traditionally with a graphite pencil, and parts done digitally in Photoshop.

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