Biography: Making Art

Making Art

Daniel Cortopassi has been making art for as long as he can remember.  In 2000 he began creating digital fantasy art to promote his business as a content provider for Poser and other computer-based 3D rendering applications.  Eventually Daniel set aside the 3D modeling work to focus on art.  By 2004 Daniel was showing work at fantasy and science fiction convention art shows throughout North America.  He has done book covers and private commissions.

Daniel is a longtime cat lover.  Though he doesn’t share his home with any cats at the moment, he has been fortunate enough to have several in his life.  It was only natural that cats would influence Daniel’s art.  Cats have appeared in some of Daniel’s most popular work.  Daniel has done humorous and stylized cat art well as realistic cats.  In 2013 Daniel began a series of artworks featuring “Feline No. 9 Squadron”.  This series is about cats that fly around the world in airships having adventures.

Making Art

Feline No. 9 Squadron

Recently Daniel has started to do some more serious figure-based fantasy artwork.  Fans of his cat art needn’t worry, though.  He has no plans to stop making art with cats.


Daniel is a self-taught artist.  He most often works in colored pencil, graphite pencil, or digital media.  He has also painted with acrylics and oils.  Daniel feels that getting away from the computer and making art with traditional materials has made him a better artist.  That grounding carries over back into the digital realm when he needs to work that way.

When making art using the computer, Daniel mostly uses Adobe Photoshop and a drawing tablet.  Even pieces that start out on paper eventually end up getting scanned and brought into Photoshop.  Daniel makes his own prints and cuts his own mats.

Other Interests

Aside from visual art, Daniel is also a musician.  He released his first solo album, “Iron Road”, in 2014.  Daniel works with TSG Multimedia as a videographer, photographer, script writer, and graphic artist.  He has a lifelong interest in railroads and model trains.  He also likes to bake.

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