Iron Road

Daniel Cortopassi

Daniel Cortopassi

Iron Road is an album of original instrumental music that I recorded over the course of several years.  Since I’m a guitar player, the music is guitar oriented.  Most of the tracks are probably best described as rock with a sprinkling of country, southern rock, funk and other influences.

The name Iron Road reflects my love of trains as well as the fact that the album is a kind of journey.  I had a loose story concept in mind about a character that starts out with great aspirations.  Through the course of the album the hero falters and eventually comes to a moment of reckoning.  There is then a symbolic rebirth.  The hero emerges older and hopefully wiser.

I played all the guitar parts on the album.  I recruited my longtime drummer friend John Abatecola to play the drums.  Most of the other instruments are software based.  Basically I wrote the music and the computer plays it for me.  I didn’t use any loops or any other prerecorded parts that weren’t my own except for a few sound effects.

The album was recorded and produced in Logic Pro on my Mac.  Music software these days is pretty incredible.  It’s like having a recording studio in a box.  There are myriad software instruments to choose from.

Logic Pro also has great guitar amp simulation.  I put that to good use.  All of the guitar tones on Iron Road were done with amp simulation.  I plugged my guitar into an interface box that translates the analog signal to a digital signal.  The software does the rest.

Iron Road is available in digital format on iTunes and in many other online music stores.

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This is a video of 16th Street Station, one of the tracks on Iron Road.  It was inspired by the unfortunately now-derelict train station in Oakland, California.  The video was produced by TSG Multimedia.

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