Cincinnati Trip Booked

Cincinnati Trip Booked

I made my travel arrangements to get to Millennicon this coming March.  I used Expedia to book a round trip flight and rent a car.  Originally I’d wanted to take the train for my Cincinnati trip.  I like trains and I thought it would be fun.  Unfortunately I couldn’t make that work.  I’ll have to save the train trip idea for another time.

I did give myself a couple of extra days in Cincinnati.  I’ve never been there before and I thought I might as well take a look around.  You never know where new inspiration may come from.

It looks like I’ll be traveling more this year than I usually do.  I’ve already been to the Washington D.C. area.  Next I’ll be on my Cincinnati trip.  Then in August I’m going to Spokane for Sasquan.

I am planning to attend two of my local conventions as well.  BayCon is a day shorter this year but still on Memorial Day weekend in Santa Clara, California.  Then in October I’ll be at Convolution up the road in Burlingame.

First, though, I have to concentrate on my Cincinnati trip and Millennicon.  I am hoping to get my new mermaid piece done and maybe one more before then.

Mail-in Shows

In the last week or so I’ve sent boxes of art to three more conventions that are all happening on February 13-15 this year.  Gallifrey One is in Los Angeles.  RadCon is in Pasco, Washington.  And Boskone is in Boston, Massachusetts.  I’ve sold pretty well at these shows in the past so hopefully that trend will continue.

I tried sending prints of my new piece, “Hibiscus“, to a couple of these shows.  It’s not really fantasy or science fiction, but the cats are cute.  We’ll see how it does.  Art is a continuous experiment.


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