Cat Commission Update

Cat Commission Update

I’m closing in on getting my cat commission done.  The cats themselves are nearly done and the background is underway.  I need to get this one wrapped up so I can deliver it to the client in time for Christmas.

Sorry, I don’t have any pictures of this one yet.  I haven’t had time for scanning and even if I did, I’d like the client to see it first.

As seems to be normal for me, I’ve spent quite a few hours scouring the internet for reference material.  I’ve grabbed pictures of more cats of course.  But I’ve also grabbed landscape shots and other things that might be useful.  Most of the time I don’t seem to be able to do art without doing at least a bit of research.

I don’t know if other artists do this or not.  For me, though, if I’m going to draw something, I want it to look like that something.  I want it to be right.  I want the details to be in the right places.

Thankfully in this day and age photos are usually not too hard to find.  At least not once you’ve waded through all the junk you don’t care about.  It does surprise me what shows up sometimes in image searches.  Sometimes I just look and ask myself what a certain picture has to do with the thing I’m looking for.

Millennicon 2015

I just got some graphics today from Millennicon.  One is of the program book cover.  The other is the tee shirt.  Both have my art on them.  They look pretty good.

Sorry again, but I’m going to keep the piece that I did for Millennicon under wraps until after the con, or until they post it somewhere.  It has cats in it, though.  And a spaceship.  And a dragon.

I am planning to release prints of it.  I’ll probably debut those at the con.


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