Arisia 2015 Shipped

Arisia 2015

I am a little late with the blog post this week.  Mostly it was due to the Christmas holiday.  I get together with one side of my family on Christmas eve, the other on Christmas day.  Before that I baked enough cookies to feed a small army.  Cookies have become my contribution to most parties.  I haven’t had many complaints.

Anyway, today I needed to get back to business.  Getting art back from art shows is not necessarily a good thing.  That means that I didn’t sell the stuff that got returned.  Sometimes it makes life easier, though.

I had enough prints on hand to be able to put together my panels for Arisia 2015.  I didn’t have to print or mat any new stuff.  That saves a lot of time.  Another time-saver is Arisia 2015’s neat online art registration system.  Instead of filling out a control sheet (master list) by hand, I just type.  They print the bid sheets, too.

I shipped my box off to Arisia 2015 in Boston this afternoon.  This will be my first show of 2015.

Cat Commission

My cat commission is done!  The client hasn’t seen it yet as I’m writing this.  I hope he likes it.

I am still keeping the full work under wraps until after the client gets a chance to look it over.  I will put up a little teaser.  It’s part of… a cat.

Cat Eyes

Cat Eyes

This little snippet is much bigger than actual size.  The grain of the paper really shows here.  The piece is done entirely in colored pencil.

The client wanted the piece framed.  I went out and got a nice wood frame that matches some of the detail in the image.  I matted the piece in shades of brown and rust to compliment the image.  It doesn’t show in the closeup but the piece has a lot of reddish brown and green in the background to provide some contrast with the gray cats.

I’ll put up the full image after the client takes delivery.


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