7 Hours

7 hours is the amount of time it took me to create Kitty Lander, start to finish.  I decided to take a break from my Crystal Cove mermaid piece this week and do something different.  Since I’ve been wondering about the amount of time I spend actually creating art, I timed this one too.

7 hours

Kitty Lander, 2014

I think there are several reasons why I was able to do this image so much faster than a colored pencil piece.  For starters, there’s no background.  That saves a bunch of time.  I was able to focus my efforts on the main subject.  In this case, a very cute kitten and a somewhat silly-looking spacecraft.

This was also the first piece I’d done in a long time with plain graphite pencils.  That saves time, too, since I don’t have to worry about color.  All I had to think about with this image was the hardness of the pencil I was using.  Harder pencils make finer lines and lighter shading.  Soft pencils make fatter lines and darker shading.

The most tedious part of this drawing was the lander.  I had to do some drafting to get the angles and perspective right.  That takes a bit of time because I have to get out the straight edge and very carefully work out the placement of the lines and details.  I probably spent an hour of the total time on that part.

I also spent some time looking for reference photos.  I used several reference photos for the kitten.  I used one main image for the pose and several others for the markings.

The lander isn’t even close to any real spacecraft that I know of, but I did have some Apollo capsule images on my screen while I drew it.  I took a few design cues from those.

Mostly, though, this is just a drawing that’s meant to be cute.  No deep meaning.  No existential whatever.  Just cuteness.  I think it was 7 hours well spent.



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