48 Hours and Done

48 hours almost on the dot.  That’s how long it took me to finish Crystal Cove.  I decided to keep that title, by the way.  It seems to fit.

48 Hours - Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove

I like the overall mood of the finished piece.  I like the warm tones of the light.  I like the mysteriousness of it.  What is the mermaid looking at?  Why and how are some of the crystals flying?

I used a few different reference photos for the beach, water and sky.  One picture in particular had some great cloud formations.  I tried to reproduce the look of those in this image.  I liked how the clouds were almost glowing yellow with reflected sunlight in places while in others they were dark.  I spent a couple of those 48 hours coloring in the clouds.

The sky was also interesting in that particular image.  It was blue in places and yellow in places.  There were also hints of orange and pink.  I tried to reproduce that, too.

I spent a couple more of those 48 hours working on the sea.  Water is a tricky thing to draw in any medium.  I like how dark the water is in the distance.  My water doesn’t look exactly like any of my reference photos.  I think it works well for this picture, though.  The sea is fairly calm.  With the clouds it suggests that a storm has passed through.

There aren’t really any good reference photos for mermaids or flying islands.  I did have a reference image for the woman, but I was on my own for her tail.  In the end I decided to give her hair green highlights.  Why not?

Would I have liked to get finished in less than 48 hours?  Yes.  I have to confess that after that long I’m ready to move on to something else.  Maybe the next one get done faster.


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