36 hours

It’s hard to believe that my last post about this piece was in November.  In any event, I found some more time to work on it.  After 36 hours, this is what my Crystal Cove (working title) piece looks like:


Crystal Cove at 36 Hours


A this point the mermaid is mostly finished except for her hair.  For some reason I decided to leave that for the moment and work on the background.

Part of the reason for that is smudges.  I have found it impossible to start coloring in earnest without getting random smudges on the parts of the paper that are still white.  In some cases it doesn’t matter much.  The black sand beach is an example.  It’s dark so it won’t show any underlying color too much.  Once an area is colored, it’s protected somewhat from smudging.

I wanted the sky to be light, at least partly.  In the scan it looks even more smudged that it did in person.  I have since started to color it.  Before I did that, though, I went at it with an eraser.

So after 36 hours I’ve colored in the big arch in the background.  I’ve also finished the nearer cliff and some of the jumbled rocks at the base.  The rocks on the seaward side of the arch are still unfinished.

For the rocks I chose warm yellows and oranges to match the sunset tones on the sand and on the mermaid.  There is also some blue in the shadows.  The far arch has a thin overcoat of blue to simulate atmospheric haze and create a sense of distance.  The nearer cliff is intentionally more saturated.

I’ve also started to color the crystals.  Those are still in progress.  I chose a green to match the mermaid’s tail and her crystal earring.  Presumably the earring is made out of the same stuff.

I like how the picture is turning out so far.  36 hours and counting… Hopefully I’ll get it done soon!

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