Art by Daniel Cortopassi

Daniel Cortopassi is a visual artist/illustrator and musician.  Daniel is known for his fantasy, science fiction, and cat art.

Cat Art

Much of Daniel Cortopassi’s art features cats and kittens.  Many of Daniel’s cat images are humorous.  Daniel’s spoof movie poster style art is among his most popular work.  The original Death Kittens is an example.  Daniel has also created more serious cat pictures such as King of the Jungle.  In 2013 Daniel began a series of artworks featuring the illustrious “Feline No. 9 Squadron”.  This series is about cats that fly around the world in airships having adventures.

Figurative & Other Work

Recently Daniel Cortopassi has returned to doing more figurative work.  The surrealistic Queen of Ravens is an example.


At present Daniel Cortopassi’s preferred natural medium is colored pencils.  Daniel likes the tactile feel of working with pencils on paper.  His technique produces solid and vibrant colors.  Daniel also sometimes uses acrylic paints, oil paints and graphite pencils.

Daniel is very comfortable working in digital media.  He is proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  Daniel also has skills as a 3D modeler using software such as Lightwave.  Many of his cat-themed poster style works were done with digital tools.  Most of the time if a work has text on it, Daniel will add that digitally even if the original piece was done in colored pencil or another natural medium.

Latest Prints

Most of Daniel Cortopassi’s artwork is available in the website store.  All prints are produced on a professional quality inkjet printer on archival paper and mounted in archival mat board.  Daniel personally cuts his own mats.


In addition to visual art, Daniel Cortopassi is an accomplished musician.  In 2014 he released his first solo album, Iron Road.

Check out Daniel Cortopassi’s album on iTunes.



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